Are you looking for a property manager? Are you trying to find what makes one company stand out over the other? Please read on about DDH Realty, LLC.

David Dougherty, owner of DDH Realty, LLC, believes there are three items that should be on top of any owners list:

Price, Service and Accessibility.

Price is important for obvious reasons. David’s is competitive. That means the management fee is somewhere in the middle. There are no hidden fees. The only fee is a percent of the collected rent. When comparing, ask if there are extra charges or hidden fees.

Service is just as important as price. All companies are very similar with a list of things they do but what else does DDH Realty, LLC do that that sets itself apart. How about examples of what makes DDH different. David had a tenant call in to say they had no hot water. There was a thunder and lightning storm the night before. A plumber was called and he advised that it is probably not broken, just press the reset button on the top element and it should be fine. So David got in the car and drove to the home to reset the element. Plumber was right, problem solved and no cost to the owner. Or. Tenant called with a leaky kitchen faucet. With the home being older, should the repair call be to a plumber for copper pipe (expensive) or handyman for plastic pipe (half the price). This could not be determined from the office so David drove to the house to find out, so he could choose the correct vendor, the handyman, and save money for the owner. In both cases David got to see the inside of the home. This is David’s definition of service, how about yours?

Accessibility is on the list because most owners likely have another job and want to be able to contact their property manager other than normal business hours Monday thru Friday. David gives his owners his cell phone so they can call when they need to. We are all busy and sometime we forget things and that’s fine. David is available to owners after hours and on weekends.

If these are qualities you would like in a property management company, contact David today.