This is a series of recommendation for damages to your home from clean water.


  • Shut off water source if possible or contact a qualified vendor to stop the water
  • Turn off power or circuit breakers safely
  • Remove as much water as you can
  • Wipe off water from wood furniture
  • Remove or prop up furniture that is in contact with carpeting
  • Remove to a safe dry area any computers, documents, paintings and other valuable items
  • Keep drapery from touching wet floors and furniture


  • Enter a room with standing water where an electric hazard may exist
  • Touch electrical outlets, switches or breakers. Avoid electrical shock hazards
  • Leave books, newspapers or colored items on flooring to cause stains
  • Use your house vacuum cleaner to remove water
  • Use TV or other appliances while standing in water
  • Turn off ceiling fixtures or fans if sheet rock is wet

These are some basic suggestions to follow. Take your time. Do not panic and think before you do.