• Limit movement in the home to prevent smoke, dust and soot from getting embedded in carpet and furniture
  • Clean hands
  • If power is off, empty refrigerator and freezer and prop doors open to help prevent odor
  • If heat is off during the winter, pour RV antifreeze in sinks, toilets, tubs and drains to avoid freezing of pipes and standing water
  • Wash both sides of house plant leaves
  • Change air filters but leave the system off


  • Have the walls and floors cleaned before you have met with an adjuster or a restoration expert. Improper washing could  ‘Set’ fire odor
  • Clean appliances unless you have had them inspected first, they may not be worth cleaning. Heat and smoke could damage components.
  • Turn on ceiling fans and lights if ceiling is wet. Wiring maybe wet or damaged and could cause shock.
  • Consume food or drink that have been stored near fire, heat  and water, because of possible contamination

Think before you do something. Heat, fire and water affect things differently and without experience you could be doing more harm than good.