Nothing is more satisfying than beautiful new windows — a joy to look at both inside and out. If windows are on your list of home improvements, you might be surprised at how affordable they really are.

Replacements windows come in two main types. If the original framing is sound and square, you can install a glass into the original framing, replacing sashes, side jams and trim. If the original frame is rotted or significantly out of square, a new-construction window must be installed, which can cost 50 percent to 100 percent more than a replacement window.

Your new windows could cost from $200 to $700 depending on what has to be replaced and what options you take.

When selling your home, you’ll recoup a large percentage of the cost. Some estimates say new windows return about 72 percent of their cost at sale.

You will immediately reduce your energy bills, but be sure to seal up a leaky house and insulate it for further savings.