When it comes to decorating the nursery or a preschooler’s room, forget the teddy bears and fish. Today’s rooms are all about the owls.

Red ones, green ones and blue ones with yellows, the peel-and-stick wall art is popular, But you will also find owls on the drapes, the bedspread the pillows and even on wallpaper. The owl’s reputation for being studious and wise appeals to parents and grandparents.

Two owls feature prominently in WallPops’ $31 Hoot and Hangout bedroom wall art kit. It includes a 51-inch-tall tree, which immediately made it one of their most popular kits. The $15 Owl Silhouettes collection has four 13-by-13-inch owls, two “sleepy” and two “wide awake.”

WallPops is a brand by Brewster Home Fashions in Randolph, Mass. They say owls appeal to marketers and consumers as a design element partly because they work as well for boys as for girls. Boden, the catalog-based retailer, has 12 owl-based clothing items this year, up from zero a few years ago.

Wow, owls. Who would have thought they are the next trend. Got Owls?