I am always looking for painter’s recommendation and tips. I have written before that owners should always use high quality paints because they are easy to patch and a lot easier to clean up after tenants. Labor cost is the same with cheep or expensive paint, the only change is the increase in the cost of the paint.

Consumer Reports has just released testing of paints for 2014. My favorite has always been Benjamin Moore. I have not liked the Home Depot products. If you search paint opinions on the internet they very widely but more time s that not, when I talk to a painting contract the say the Behr is just not a good paint. The can put a finger on exactly why but they just do not like it. But consumer reports says that Behr premium paint rate high in their test for hiding and scrubbing. Nice.

I think this information confirms that owners should choose paint not on price but durability and the ability to clean up after a tenant so you do not have to paint each time a tenant moves out. Owners need to remember that tenants are harder on homes than owners and should budget to paint approximately every five years. As an owner, budget for painting on your schedule. Perhaps a few rooms every few years to spread the cost out over time may work for you.

Painting tips:

Use a brush for corners, trim and edges. “cut “in the edges first then roll out the big areas. It is recommended to use a roller for areas larger than 2’ x 2’ for a more uniform finish. Foam rollers are nice but don’t mix foam and knap rollers, the finished product will have a different look.

Painting is one of the home repair projects that most people can do with a little planning and preparation. Happy painting.