Need some help on decisions for budgeting, investing and more?

               Lots of new online tools that can help you with investing and finances emerge regularly on the internet. Here are a two that are noteworthy.

               For the seasoned investor and financial planner, tries to get you to a secure financial and retirement position. Novice investors will find it full of investing jargon that they might not understand. Still, it is easy to fill in personal details and current retirement savings.  The site gets a little more advanced when it begins to ask for types of investments you prefer and your appetite for risk.  But if you are comfortable with these questions, the site offers a complete look at your future.

               But what if you wonder how your decisions today could affect your future?

Try Planwise ( This site looks into the future. Log on to the website and enter the usual information such as money you have, investments you have and things you owe.  Then you can put in some possible directions.  Like what if you spend $200,000 on a home?  What happens to your finances?  What if you buy a new car as opposed to a used one?  What happens then?  Planwise lets you look at different outcomes based on different decisions. CNet has reviewed this product.