Patio, balcony and window-box gardeners will be pleased with some of this year’s offerings. They offer a way to get edibles or blooms in smaller spaces.

EarthBox, a maker of self-watering plant containers, has a half-size version for growing herbs and salad greens on deck railings, patios, fire escapes or inside by a kitchen window. About 20 million households do their growing in containers, usually in restricted spaces, according to the National Gardening Association.

Containers come in all shapes and sizes. They are portable, easy to reach across, and absorb more of the sun’s heat for faster plant growth than in-ground gardens, but they do need fertilizer. Self-watering plants have a water reservoir that wicks moisture to the root system, reducing the need for daily watering while boosting yields.

Gardeners Supply Co., Birmingham, VT., has raised beds that can be put right on a patio. Pepper, tomato plants and others come in bags. In the fall, they can be wheeled from the driveway into the garage on frosty nights.